About Us

“The world wakes up with the best coffee”

A Shared Vision

Our vision is to provide a better future for Guatemala and our families through constant, honest and passionate work. We strive to grow and reinvent ourselves daily, in order to give our clients and friends something aside from coffee.

Sharing the world’s best coffee

Our story begins 26 years ago, dream-filled, and with the certainty of having one of the world’s finest products: Guatemalan coffee.

We started with a team of 10 individuals completely committed to their passion and to three vital values : Coffee, talent and good friends from around the globe.

With very hard work, we rapidly became a company that purchases, processes and sells coffee from the country’s most important regions, while defining our narrative and style within the national and international markets.

Today we’re an established and renowned company in the coffee industry, and we are delighted to stand behind our commitment to our clients and friends. We connect Guatemala with the rest of the planet through a precious and comforting product.

We’re not looking for a one shot deal. We’re looking to construct long-term relationships based on trust and respect.

– Ricardo Safie

These are people who are not just interested in our coffee, but in our well-being. That’s hard to find in this business.

– Renardo Ovalle (Local Client)

We will go above and beyond to make sure that we can find and fulfill any of our client’s needs and coffee requirements.

– Martín Salazar

When you develop a friendship and really get to understand our clients, that’s when we can start getting creative.

– Christian Safie

Work Ethos

We’re modern day explorers; lovers of knowledge and respectful of nature and the environment. Coffee’s precious and comforting essence along with our deep passion for it inspires us every day.

Our ethos is felt and carried on like coffee, sharing it with the world, enjoying what we do and filled with pride of who we are